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Intro and Friend's Only!!

The seven voices I love.
Envy, destruction, affliction, captivity, famine, chaos, ruin.
They are all sweet poison,
born from my mouth.

Hate to inform you guys, but this Live Journal is FRIEND'S ONLY. If you want to be added, there are a couple of rules:

1. You have to comment to be befriended.
2. We must have at least THREE things in common.
3. You will automatically be filtered when I friend you. Why? Because I want to, that's why.
4. NO DRAMA! I'm out of high school and would like to keep my online life drama free. If I want drama, all I have to do is call up a couple of folks and hear it.
5. Don't add me to just expand your friends list.
6. If you don't comment on my entries, you will be removed. I don't like people lingering (only few are an exception to that matter).
7. Don't bash my fandoms, writing, music, etc. If you bash me, I'll just remove you. Simple.
8. I don't tag my entries,'s hard to categorize them. ^^
9. This journal is 50% fangirl and 50% life. If I scare you, then I'm sorry.

Thanks for dropping by! ♥

-Winter Yuy aka Solitude Whispers

HeeroxRelena Love Bar credit to inconcerto

Name - Wendi
Nicknames - Lulu, Lala, Wen Wen, Winnie-poo
Birthday - June 18th
Zodiac - Gemini

Hair - Blonde
Eyes - Hazel
Height - 5'4"
Body Type - ;_; ...I don't wanna answer that.

Relationship Status - Single
Kids - Ella Jeannean Kaye Mullins, one beautiful niece, and five badass Godchildren.

Religious Views - Pagan. ...yes, I am a Witch.
Political Views - Democrat
City/State/Country - Alabama

Favorite Color - Any
Favorite Flower - Lily
Favorite Movie(s) - Ugh, too many. XD
Favorite Song(s) - Don't get me started on this. I could go all day.

3 Random Facts about you:
1. I love unconditionally and also hurt deeply.
2. I'm afraid of the dark
3. I'm writing my first novel!

Story behind your username:
Old Gundam Wing fan. XD

1. First Name

2. Age

3. Location
Small town in Alabama that's boring.

4. Occupation
Jack of all Trades at Domino's Pizza!! <3

5. Partner?

6. Kids
Ella Jeannean Kaye Mullins ♥

7. Brothers/Sisters
¤ Molli, younger. She's my biological sister
¤ Beckley, younger. She's my step sister.
¤ Torie, younger. Step sister.
¤ Jason, younger. Step brother

8. Pets

9. Parents
Divorced when I was 12. Mom married Fred and dad married Pam. Mom left Fred.

10 Who are some of your closest friends?
EVERYONE ON MY F-LIST *hugs you all* and everyone mentioned above.

11. What are some of the things you like most?
Writing, reading, listening to music, working, sleeping, and pervy things. lol ♥

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